Monday, November 21, 2011

HMV Introduce QR Codes To Shop Via Bus Shelter

HMV Introduce QR Codes To Shop Via Bus Shelter

A truly virtual store?

While the technology behind the campaign might not seem all that complex – It is, after all, just a QR code that takes you through to a link. But the concept that’s being advanced here, is significant. What HMV/Fox have done is to create a virtual store that lives on the street where no store should really be. The campaign works by purchasing an ad space just like thousands of brands around the country, but the living extension of this is akin to a pop-up shop. It’s no longer just an ad, but a real revenue-generator, through seamless integration of technology with a visual brand space.

When you consider it in this way, you can begin to see a pretty exciting (or scary, depending on your viewpoint) vision of the future, where we move closer and closer to a truly interactive experience for something as simple as walking down the street. At more points, we’re introducing interaction and brand ‘invasion’, that takes the offline and makes it something powerful through clever execution of online technology. You think you’re just waiting for a bus, but actually it’s something different altogether.

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